A Motivational Speaker You Can Count On

Your organization is facing cultural challenges unique to your business. It’s difficult to find a compelling professional motivational keynote speaker that you can be confident will not only engage your audience, but actually create lasting change. You know what bad motivational speakers are like, so it’s natural that you want someone good to hold the talk with your staff. The last thing you want is to hear, “What a waste of time and money!”

It’s about time you stop saying you can’t afford to hire one now. It’s not good for your organization or for you to go through the daily operation with an unmotivated workforce.What they need is the drive to get better at what they do, and that’s something that could come only from the best motivational speakers around.
You need a guaranteed informative and positive experience — and a delivery that’s not only fresh and memorable, but one that actually helps your team solve real problems. You can’t afford to have even a mediocre speaker presenting a canned program. You need an inspirational speaker who pulls them to the edge of their seats and makes a difference.


You’re Not Alone: Choosing Motivational Speakers is Hard

You’re not alone; meeting planners are craving an experienced, engaging, and humorous motivational speaker who “gets” your people and their stresses, and can deliver an on-target motivational speech that is specific and relevant to them. The chips are down: you need a speaker who can help your organization lead better, communicate better, sell more, and manage change better. You need Brad Montgomery, one of the top motivational speakers in the country. There’s no one else who can motivate your workforce quite like Brad.

After the experience, you want the crowd on your feet, slapping you on the back asking, “Where did you find him?! That was just what we needed!”

Like you, meeting planners want a business speaker they are certain can:

  • Engage your attendees with a relevant and specific experience.
  • Be authentic. You want somebody who connects.
  • Make your meeting better;  make your culture better.
  • Make a difference for your team; Sell more, work better as a team, be more innovative, lead better, produce more.

A Guaranteed Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery motivates audience members to improve their personal performance — and that of their organization. His 25 + years of experience means he’s good. Really good. He delivers on-target and specific messages in a way that your people WANT to hear. On top of that, Brad adds humor to every speaking engagement, so that the staff not only feels driven, but also entertained. Brad will:

  • Customize his message based on your industry, setting, immediate environment, and current events.
  • Provide life lessons and examples that guide attendees to remind them that their work is meaningful.
  • Teach the value — and joy — of taking responsibility and how to be an influence catalyst inside your organization.
  • Increase productivity and confidence in audience members by utilizing his unique outlook on happiness as a true professional asset.

Now that Brad has appeared at your convention or meeting, your audience is more positive, and has specific take-aways that can be implemented starting NOW.  They have you to thank for bringing Brad’s guidance to the table.

  • Brad Montgomery’s 25 years of motivating audiences ensures he knows how to keep groups of any size engaged throughout the experience
  • Brad’s lessons and stories provide a lasting influence on your organization’s work culture, and they feel that time spent with Brad was an outstanding investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your fee? How Much Do Motivational Speakers Cost?

(Spoiler alert: Great question with weak answer.) Most of Brad’s clients ask him to customize an “experience” for their event. And because Brad works with so many variables, including the time it takes to create a relevant program, additional Beyond-the-Keynote additions such as serving as an Emcee, doing extra Concurrent Sessions, creating a high-energy conference start or a Grand Finally meeting finish, sessions on networking, team building and even a Flash Mob it’s impossible to have a price list. The best thing to do is to give us a call for a free consultation, let us learn more about how you the think we can best be of service, and allow us to get you two or three ideas in different price ranges about how to get the most out of your time with Brad.

Expenses? They aren’t included, but we make that simple too.

How Hard Is it For Us to Get Brad Up to Speed On Our Needs and People?

Brad’s got a proprietary system that simplifies the process. You’ll be amazed. Basically we ask your people to fill out a short questionnaire, and then we’ll set up a conference call between you and Brad. Believe it or not, one call is usually enough, but we’ll keep setting them up until both you and Brad are comfortable that he can deliver a customized, on-target, and seriously relevant experience for your organization.

How Do We Hire Brad? What’s The Process for Hiring a Motivational Speaker?

We’re proud that we keep it simple. First allow us to learn how we can best help you, and for us to give you a quote for the best solution Brad can provide. Once you’re ready, just let us know that you want us to hold that date for you. We’ll get you a Super-Straight-Forward Letter of Agreement. Once that piece of paper is signed and returned with a deposit that date is yours! We’ll then guide you through the easy process of making sure you have everything you need to get the most out of Brad.

We’ve Heard that Brad is Funny, but We Need a Business Speaker, Not a Funny Comedian.

That’s the good news! Brad is funny…he can’t help it. But he also happens to be a deep thinker on how happiness at work can be harnessed to improve your bottom line. We’ve learned that people learn best when they are laughing. Brad uses humor to engage your audience, because if they aren’t engaged, you’ve wasted your investment of time and money. After doing this for over 25 years, Brad’s learned that while their mouths are open with laughter, he can usually sneak in some food for thought.

Does Brad Have A Dog?

Yes. His name is Rudy.

Brad Speaks to the “People Side” of Business? What Does This Mean?

Brad makes the soft stuff hard. For example, credible science shows that unhappiness in the workplace costs the USA $500 billion (yes, with a “b”) per year. Brad knows exactly how to incorporate science-based techniques to increase happiness at work, which means a big win for your bottom line, whether that means patient satisfaction, dollars in the bank, or satisfied customers. Increasingly smart companies are trying to maximize happiness but they don’t know where to start (or how to continue.) This is Brad’s super-power. (Though he doesn’t wear a cape.) He teaches your people how to use happiness as a strategy for improved performance.

How Long Does Brad Speak? How Much Time Do Motivational Speakers Need?

The short answer is, “Whatever you need!” No, we’re not being flip. It’s the truth.

The longer answer is, “The more time you have for Brad, the more value your audience gets.” Brad does a ton of sessions that are 1 hour. But Brad prefers 75 and 90 minutes for his keynotes.

However, one of the coolest solutions is something we call an Extended Keynote. This runs from 2 to 3.5 hours, and is a blended mix if Brad’s business keynotes and his highly-interactive “experiences” that incorporate team building, networking, high-energy and hand-on learning that makes sure the message “sticks” with your attendees. Adults learn best when they are involved. In these longer programs Brad maximizes both the learning and the fun to make sure that your goals are with your speaker are met.

Finally, Brad works for many clients as a master of ceremonies or an emcee. In this case Brad is there all day… Or many days. Give us a call and we’ll work out the best solution for you.

What Makes Caesar Salad So Good?

The cheese. Or the anchovies. Ok, we’re not sure.

Brad is in the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame? What is this, and why do I care?

Brad was inducted in the National Speakers Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. This is a big deal in the land of speakers. Like and Oscar, but without all the movie stars. It’s huge honor … There are only about 130 living members, and they represent all English speaking countries around the world.

What does it mean to you? It means that Brad’s really, really good. It means that you can rest easy knowing you’ve picked a speaker who can deliver.

Is Brad a Guaranteed Motivational Speaker?

Yup, you’ll be thrilled or your money back. Seriously. It’s an easy guarantee to offer because in Brad’s 25+ years of offering an iron-clad guarantee he’s never been asked for a refund. He has a SUPER long list of ridiculously happy clients, and our job is to make sure you’re so happy you share your experience with Brad with everybody you know. That’s the rest of the story: Most of Brad’s work comes from word-of-mouth. Each job leads to more jobs because he’s very good at what he does. You’ll be thrilled.

What’s the Biggest Mistake People Make When Choosing A Motivational Speaker?

There are a few doozies:

Make sure your speaker doesn’t present a “canned” motivational speech. Your people are too sophisticated for this type of presenter. Brad customizes his message to make sure it’s on-target, relevant and very funny for each audience.

2. You fail to check credentials. Check references, check to see if they are a Certified Speaking a professional (Brad is!), that they have a list of happy clients and a long track record, and check to see if they have a significant body of work. This means that after you search Google and YOUTUBE for your speaker, you should see a lot of info that reflects a long and successful track record.

3. Make sure you set your speaker up for success. Ask your speaker, “What’s the best way to use you at our convention to assure total success?” If you use your speaker at the wrong time in the conference, and fail to set the room, the people and the technology up correctly, you risk speaker failure. Just ask…your speaker should know exactly how to set him up correctly.

What Is A Motivational Speaker?

Honestly, it’s a terrible phrase. Brad feels that it’s nearly impossible to motivate people. He does however believe that he can help people to motivate themselves, and that he can remove obstacles to motivation.

Motivation is important. Your people probably know what to do and how to do it. But they are not doing it to their potential? Why not? Lack of proper motivation. This is where your speaker comes in…to help get them on track and moving again.

People who have experienced mediocre motivational speakers often fail to see the importance of motivation. Brad likes to quote Zig Ziglar who said something like, “Motivation is like a shower. Just because you’ve had one once doesn’t mean you’re clean forever.” Motivation should be ongoing, powerful, and relevant. VERY relevant.

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